Sheep vs. coyote vs. farmer

Sometimes farming is a struggle… and it makes you take measures that you would really rather not take, ethical choices if you will. While these choices are often necessary and based in pragmatism, they are also often regrettable.

It was him... or another sheep.

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    Ena Ronayne said,

    greetings from Ireland, so shocked to see an image like this when I flicked through you blog for the first time. So sad that both animals are dead as a result of one needing to survive.

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      manitoulingypsyfarmer said,

      Hi, thanks for the comment. Some find the pragmatic realities of farming offensive… yet don’t blink an eye when gardeners kill insects, homeowners kill rats and doctors literally end millions of lives with a dose of antibiotics. While we live in harmony with nature to the best of our abilities, occasionally nature dictates an intervention whereby one admittedly questionable act can have the desired result of saving many defenceless lives… as well as a livelihood. Wish such choices were not required of me. Most of what we do is far more palatable, but all actions are an integral part of the web of life. I look forward to further discussions with you. Ted

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