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…so winds down the summer that never was…

Wow, what a brutal summer it’s been on the farm. Despite the weather I still managed to stay too busy to keep this blog as current as I had originally intended… the road to Hell and all that…
Anyway, 2009 was as damp and cold as a summer could be. Nothing in the garden was particularly happy, except the raspberries (there’s always an exception) which had their best year ever. This abundance led to the creation of a new jam… “Raspberry Tingle”… a surprising marriage between purple raspberries and hot peppers… come to the Gore Bay Farmers’ Market if you are interested!
Lotsa stuff going on in the world… little of it good. The Codex Alimentarius issue is poised to topple the world food system leaving only a handful of corporations in complete control. Remember, “whoever controls your food controls you”.
Also, just watched “The Obama Deception”… now I’m really worried.
There is so much to get into… all in due time… for now I just wanted to get this puppy up and functional again. Lets see if I can actually find time to keep it current this go-around!?!
Now for some down time with my therapist – my dog…


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