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This is where it all begins…

Greetings from Gypsy Family Farm on beautiful Manitoulin Island (Ontario, Canada)

For anyone who has taken the time to search out this blog and is actually spending valuable time reading it, thank you and I hope that you won’t be disappointed. Since I am a farmer and not particularly computer savvy, you may have to be patient as I get a feel for things. I am fresh off a failed relationship with a website so am in a particularly fragile state of technological hurt. My website demanded a higher commitment to html which I could not accommodate. My website and I are parting ways. This could be a messy split, but more about that another time.

In the days/weeks/months and perhaps even years ahead, I hope to use this blog to share thoughts, ideas and even occasionally to rant at the wrongs of the world… there are a few of those that require immediate attention.

I am ending this first posting with an air of brevity as I have to take some time to explore technical options and figure out this confounded world that I have just committed to.

See ya’all soon,


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